My name is Allison & I am your Independent Paparazzi Consultant! #240329

The time has come….

I am officially announcing that I have decided to end my journey with Paparazzi. I have been a consultant for just shy of 5 years, but it is time for this chapter of my life to come to an end. As most of you know, I have been preparing for my wedding in May 2024 and I am now the Supervisor of my unit at my full time job. There has been so much else going on in life that Paparazzi has taken the back burner. After thinking long and hard over the last couple of months, I decided it was best to start going out of business. I appreciate each and every one of my customers that has shopped with me over the last 5 years. I wouldn’t have made it this long without you all!

With that being said, I have TONS of inventory that I will need to start moving😜 All of my Fall/Holiday events are still scheduled and I will be there with Momma slinging bling! Keep a look out for all those dates under the Events tab. The website will still remain active until my inventory is gone. If you’d like to shop there, send me a private message in the chat box for a discount code to help clear the bling!🤩 You may even see some additional deals as we gear up for Holiday shopping so be sure to follow my Facebook Business Page!!!!😉💎

Let’s not forget where is all started! Check out my Paparazzi story below.

I started my journey in November 2018 & wanted to share with you my why for taking the leap into the direct sales world. My why has changed many times throughout this adventure, but that is because I have been able to fulfill many short-term goals!

Let’s be real…my initial why was that I needed extra $$$! My best friend at the time was getting married and I needed a way to pay my way as her Maid of Honor! No sugar coating, that’s the truth! Paparazzi was appealing to me because they offer an AFFORDABLE yet FASHIONABLE product. Plus, it was even affordable to start your business unlike other direct sales companies.

Fun Fact: before becoming a consultant, I wore the same pair of diamond earrings every day & never took them out! My ears have always been super sensitive, but with Paparazzi’s Lead & Nickel free products, I am able to wear different earrings every day, all day with no irritation! I now constantly look for bling to go with all of my outfits & try super hard not to keep all the amazing pieces I get in weekly! I even wear earrings with my work uniform to spice it up!

The amount of goals I have been able to reach during my time with Paparazzi has been amazing. I never thought I would have accomplished some of the things I have in such a short time. Check out some of the goals I have met below.

Goals Paparazzi has helped me achieve:
  • Pay all expenses related to best friend’s wedding
  • Pay for our first cruise WITH Paparazzi
  • Pay off my car loan
  • Pay off my Private Student Loan
  • Pay for my first Convention WITH Paparazzi
  • Pay off my credit cards
Paparazzi has benefited my entire family

It’s True!

Not only have I been able to accomplish the above goals, I have been able to pay for several vacations with my boyfriend (Niagara Falls, Tennessee, etc.), beach trips with my mom, and most importantly our 4 legged fur-baby, Tazer!

I never imagined I would be able to afford to experience all of these amazing things in the last few years. Everyone in the Paparazzi Community is so uplifting and positive. There are always trainings and resources for support in whatever you may need along the way. I cannot wait to continue on with my journey to see where it takes me!

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss in more detail what it is like being a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant! Click here to see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants.

**In regards to the lead & nickel content of the jewelry, Paparazzi meets applicable consumer safety laws and regulations in the United States, including California’s Proposition 65.**

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